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Fear of the Future Series - Certainty in uncertain times

The Edge continues with the Fear of the Future series with Natasha Moore and Sam Chan

14 May 2020

Free tickets

Free tickets

Welcome to our first online Edge event. Join the Edge community on Thursday, 14 May

Certainty in uncertain times? Each day seems to bring a different perspective on our lives. From the moment you wake up, you have to respond to the latest media report. Some stories bring despair, while others try to give things a positive spin. How does this influence your views of the future? 

Glass half full, glass half empty? Pessimist or optimist? Anxious or resilient? 

Dr Natasha Moore and Dr Sam Chan will be addressing these varying human experiences at The Edge. Considering the answers to how we can look at our future. 

Be sure to check what our speakers have to say about the event. The video links below.

What does the future hold? Whatever perspective you may bring to The Edge, you could come away with some certainty during these uncertain times.

Missed The Edge? Watch both talks and the Q and A in our Resource Library.

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Video Teaser

Dr. Sam Chan

Looking for certainty in uncertain times?

Dr. Natasha Moore

Natasha Moore answers the questions about her talk