Headstart Originals: 2021 | City Bible Forum
Finished on 1 Nov 2021

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If your working life were a Netflix series, which one would it be? The Walking Dead? Suits? Bridgerton? Crash Landing On You? Haikyu?

If your colleague’s life were a Netflix series, which one would it be?

Headstart this year is launching its own series HEADSTART ORIGINALS: Where Gritty Faith Is Destined To Work.

SEASON 4 - DIRECTOR'S CUT - Flipping the script

Director's cut: an edited version of a film that is supposed to represent the director's vision of the movie: the director's own approved edit.

As workers, we need to sit in the director's chair and write our scripts. Our scripts can't be written by our bosses, parents or friends. No one else is going to write this story for you. But as Christian workers, we know that we have an ultimate Director and there are times when He flips the script and releases a Director's cut. 

Come join us for this final season of Headstart 2021 where we hear how the Director has flipped the scripts in workers' lives. Some edits were sought after, some were hard and unexpected, but all resulted in a better story.
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  • Sep 20 - HEADSPACE: what to keep in frame and out of frame
  • Sep 27 - REST: how to rest during house arrest
  • Oct 4 - EVANGELISM: from bloopers to blockbusters
  • Oct 11 - MINISTRY: finding the easter eggs you may have missed in the workplace
  • Oct 21* - THE EDGE: never more connected, never more lonely
  • Oct 25 - PARTY: celebrate with us!

Each session we'll be interviewing two different people. We're streaming the series throughout the year so you can binge in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is select the "join online" option to get your personalised Zoom link.

*Oct 21 - Headstart will be part of something bigger...we'll be streaming The Edge outreach event together and inviting our enquiring friends to join us!

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Headstart Originals - Binge with us.

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