Brisbane - City Legal, 7 May 2021 | City Bible Forum

Brisbane - City Legal, 7 May 2021

'The Invention of I' with Dr Natasha Moore

Fri 7 May, 7.15am-8.15am


$ 30

The Invention of I 

Why do you matter? How do you know? 

They may be the most influential five words ever strung together: the idea that humans are made “in the image of God”. 

Dr Natasha Moore traces the evolution of an idea that’s so obvious to us we don’t even notice it - and the light it sheds on some of the biggest questions our culture is grappling with today. 

Ticket includes breakfast, fruit, tea and coffee
(please register by Friday 30 April)

Please contact David Pitt for further information.


Brisbane - City Legal, 7 May 2021
Tattersall's Club
215 Queen Street, Brisbane City