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The World Turned Upside Down

David Robertson writes: 'The trouble with religion is that there are so many of them. How could any one of them be right? How would we know anyway? Can we ever know? Should we not just all be agnostic? Is it possible to know God?'

18 Mar 2021, 7.40am-8.20am

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The normal image of Christianity is of something nice, cosy, warm and largely irrelevant.  Belonging to the church is seen as the equivalent of belonging to a knitting club, or line dancing society.  If it floats your boat – that’s fine – but just don’t let it interfere with real life.  On the other hand, when we think of religion as revolutionary, that greatly alarms us.  The last thing we want is religious fanatics running our society.  In this talk we look at how real Christianity is revolutionary – but in a way that is really surprising, deep and lasting. 

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