For the Love of God | City Bible Forum

For the Love of God

"How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined."

2 Apr 2021, 7pm-8.30pm
$10 tickets

Join us for hot cross buns and a screening of a CPX documentary about the best and worst acts of the Christian church.
This event is open to anyone from any belief or faith background.


Christian history offers plenty of ammunition to its critics.

Crusades, inquisitions, witch trials, the oppression of women - not to mention the horrific incidence of child abuse, covered up in recent decades by the institutional church.

For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined is a documentary by the Centre for Public Christianity. It addresses the worst of what Christians have done, but also traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus.

This is not the history we think we know. Join us as we weigh up the good, the bad, the ugly - and the unexpected - impact Christianity has had on the world we live in.

The Church is better and worse than you ever imagined.

Christianity may be the wellspring for many of our most cherished values today, but Christians should be the first to admit that there’s been plenty of blood shed along the way.

Please contact Wilbur Longbottom for further information.