Canberra Leaders Hub | City Bible Forum
10 May 2021



The Leaders hub is a quarterly get together which aims to unite, inspire and equip us for Christ's mission to workers. We're inviting existing leaders and anyone who wants to step up in workplace mission. This is open to all Christian workers to attend.

In our first get together we want to spend a bit of time discussing lessons one to three of our new training course: Sharing Jesus at work. The course is presented by Dr. Sam Chan, and we have organised an evening Q&A with him (Sam will “dial in” from Sydney).

This course guides you through the 'Coffee, Dinner, Gospel' method of sharing your faith at work. If you aren't sure how to get to those deeper conversations and sharing the Gospel at work, this loving, insightful and empowering course will help you through it all.

Each lesson contains structured summaries, key points, Bible passages, insightful talks and practical application from Dr Sam Chan, along with a downloadable PDF course booklet for you to keep.

If you’ve covered this material before, consider this as an opportunity to think through what it means in this new post-2020 context. How should we adapt?

Please follow these three steps:

1. Register for the meeting (see button below)

2. Enrol in the short courseSharing Jesus at Work (cost $19.95 for nine lessons).

3. Prepare for the Leaders Hub meeting by completing at least the first three lessons (~30min), taking notes and getting questions ready for:

  • How to own Jesus at work.
  • How to Show Rare Love in the Workplace.
  • Exploring a Worldview.

There will be an optional meal before the meeting.

Please contact Leon Hribar for further information.