Headstart Holidays: Sharing your story Workshop | City Bible Forum
29 Nov 2021



Headstart is back and by popular demand, we will be having some Headstart Holidays activities. Our first is by request. We will be holding a "How to share your story" workshop.

Have you ever shared your testimony to a colleague and it just didn't seem to stick? If that is you, I have been there and it is a deflating experience. Now maybe it has to do with your colleague - maybe their heart was still hard or they were just distracted at the time. But maybe, a small part might be also how we shared our testimony.

Can we share our testimony in a better way that might resonate more with our colleague? Have you ever explored how you might share your testimony differently? What would this look like? If you are curious, come join us for our Headstart Holiday workshop.  

Please contact Grace Huang for further information.