"I am what I do" - a course in personal identity (3 sessions) | City Bible Forum

"I am what I do" - a course in personal identity (3 sessions)

Be liberated from "I am what I do"

3 May 2022


How do you introduce yourself to others? You might use your job title, but is that who you are?

Attaching our personal value and worth to what we achieve or accomplish is a devastating way to live.

Join us for this 3 session course to:

  1. Assess how much of your personal identity is tied up with what you do.
  2. Discover a more liberating way of viewing yourself "in Christ".
  3. See how being thus liberated can help you:
    1. Be more real with yourself and others.
    2. Appreciate the success of others.
    3. Improve your own performance at work

Course details
Who: Everyone is welcome whether from a Christian background or not.


  • Session 1: Tue.  3 May 8.00-9.00pm EST
  • Session 2: Tue. 10 May 8.00-9.00pm EST
  • Session 3: Tue. 17 May 8.00-9.00pm EST

Where: Online on Zoom (details emailed after you register).

Cost: The course is free to do on Zoom with Craig, however you may also want to register for the paid version of the course here ($19.95) to have access to the course videos and other materials (in case you miss a session or want to revise it).

Course presenters:

  • The course was written by Andrew Laird who also speaks in the videos etc.
  • Craig Josling will co-ordinate our 'live' sessions / discussions via Zoom.
Please contact Craig Josling for further information.