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Headstart Malware: Loneliness

Suspicion: Doing more will help me feel less lonely

11 Jul 2022
Attend in person, with dinner - $15
Attend in person, no dinner - Free
Join online - Free

We all have suspicions. We assume, presume, suppose in our heads but when kept inside, assumptions easily fester into suspicions.

Like malware, they operate in the background, influencing what we say and do. Like malware, this is dangerous because suspicions often have little proof. 

Join us at Headstart as we call out our suspicions and put them to the test. You can join us online or if you're in Sydney or Melbourne, you can also join us in person for fellowship and dinner (from 6pm). 

In week 3, we will be screening Suspicion #3 - Mental Health: Loneliness - Doing more will help me feel less lonely

If you'd like to join an in-person option to eat dinner before Headstart or watch with others, currently you an do that here:

  • SYDNEY HEADSTART (in person):  
    City Bible Forum Office 
    Level 3, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney
  • MELBOURNE HEADSTART (in person):
    Scots Church Melbourne 
    Level 1, 156 Collins Street, Melbourne
  • Can't make these? Don't worry, there are often more workers online than in-person. We'll also be adding more in-person places coming soon.
Please contact Grace Huang for further information.