Headstart UX #2: Conversion | City Bible Forum
26 Sep 2022
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When UX is applied, the user lingers, vibes and loves where they are. They don’t need to try, they might not even be aware. It’s seamless and everything is where it should be.

What if we applied UX to the Christian life?

Join us for Headstart UX. With users who have tested the Christian faith, we’ll tackle tricky topics so you can experience the intelligent design seamlessly. This week, we tackle conversion. 

The UX of Google is clean and sooo easy - so much so that it's defeated all other rivals, to become THE search engine.  

The search for Jesus as a worker sounds long and arduous. Barriers are many. The results cluttered. The lag is real. A worker finding Jesus seems sooo rare that for many Christian workers, we live day to day as if it were impossible. 

Instead of being cluttered, can we UX it - hear how workers became Christian and who made their search easy. Let's break the cycle and see God's intelligent design at work. 

Join us at Headstart UX #2: Conversion.

If you'd like to join an in-person option to eat dinner before Headstart or watch with others, currently you an do that here:

  • SYDNEY HEADSTART (in person):  
    City Bible Forum Office 
    Level 3, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney
  • MELBOURNE HEADSTART (in person):
    City Bible Forum Office 
    Level 20, 350 Queens Street, Melbourne
  • Can't make these? Don't worry, there are often more workers online than in-person. We'll also be adding more in-person places coming soon.
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