Recalibrate '23: Jindy | City Bible Forum
Finished on 29 Jan 2023
Where Jindabyne


Accommodation + Food (5 days/4 nights)
$ 515

Join us for RECALIBRATE '23: our young workers getaway but this time, it's different.

  • It's larger: Young workers from Sydney & Melbourne 
  • It's longer: Wednesday to Sunday to allow for deeper fellowship
  • It's in Jindabyne and we've managed to score some lux places to stay.

Recalibrate is a chance for young workers to fine tune their life with other Christian workers before the year kicks into gear. If you want to see what it's like - the places, the location and the vibes - you can check out some pics from Recalibrate 22 here. Our goals are simple: Reflect. Rest. Reset.

  • Reflect - let's get back into the Bible and reimagine 2023. The workplace has changed, but God and his word hasn't. So with COVID well behind us, what will it look like living as as Christian young worker today? 
  • Rest - we've booked 3 spesh houses at Jindabyne so we can all relax together. This isn't a church camp. It's a young workers getaway. 
  • Reset - This will not be an intensive, jam-packed, church-camp styled weekend away. You will be to have plenty of down time so you return ready for work on Monday.

Recalibrate has been running for 7 years as a young workers getaway. We've now landed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart. Recalibrate is part of Headstart, City Bible Forum's young workers community. You can find out more about Headstart here.

Please contact Mark Leong for further information.