Headstart: Gospel Patrons | City Bible Forum
19 Jun 2023


Headstart is about to enter its 9th year, and over time, many Headstarters have asked - what might it look like to give back to the community that has helped me so much and that I have grown to love? What pathways have other Headstarters taken, when looking to support this community? Are there Headstarters who have taken these steps?

This is an evening where we will answer these questions and more but with a twist.

Our host will not be a City Bible Forum staff member, but a Headstarter, who we met at Headstart and would like to and has given back to the community.

Our stories will be about Headstarters who have decided to support this community, showcasing the how and what this might look like for you now or in the future.

Our time in the Bible will ground all of this in the richness of the Gospel. Our faith will be enlarged as we consider God and His ongoing work and the roles of Gospel Proclaimers and Gospel Patrons. 

Join us for a special one-off evening where we walk various ways in which you and other might give back to the Headstart community. 

Please contact Mark Leong for further information.