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The Post-COVID Playbook

A new culture, a new mindset, a new medium
Sam Chan

The Post-Covid Playbook is a short course that aims to inspire you as you adjust to changes in life, work and evangelism brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. These four short sessions explore the way the attitudes in our culture have shifted. There are three significant ways our world has changed. We have a new culture; a new mindset; and new mediums for connecting with people.

Each lesson contains structured summaries, key points, Bible passages, insightful talks and practical application from Dr Sam Chan, along with a downloadable PDF course booklet for you to keep. The course is also available as a free trial or via a group license.

Full course

Enrol in the full 4 sessions course for $19.95. You will have access for 6 months.

Free trial

Enrol in the trial version for 1 month of free access to the first 2 sessions.

Group licence

Enrolling in a group licence will allow you to deliver the course in-person at a discount. The licence will provide you with a facilitator's login for the course with access for 6 months. Also, members of your group will have the ability to access the course materials under the group licence from their own device during this period.

Cultural engagement pathway

Courses in this pathway aim to build skills in engaging with culture and society through understanding worldviews, and communication in the domains of philosophy, film, art and culture.

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