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The Price of Glory

We all seek glory somewhere but the things we seek glory in tend to be costly and temporary. Is there a better road to glory?

Many of us think that the road to glory involves the pursuit of some remarkable feat.

It's true that, if we succeed, there is an undeniable sense of achievement and exhilaration... but what did it cost to achieve? Why doesn't that sense of achievement last? What's next? Can I ever achieve enough?

Join us as we consider, how Jesus offers a better road to glory?

A Revolutionary Account of Freedom?

“Freedom of speech on religious matters is an increasingly pressing issue…Whatever we may think about the Israel Folau case, the important question of principle is whether he should have been expelled from the Australian rugby team, and effectively banned for life from his sport, for expressing a view on social media that was a paraphrase of a Bible passage…” Professor Patrick Parkinson, Briefing Paper July 2019.

Get unstuck when life is messy

What does it look like to live the life we were made for when life is messy?

We might have a picture of what 'the life we were made for' looks like, but some things are out of our control. Not everything goes according to plan. What does it look like to get unstuck when life gets messy?

In this stand alone follow up to our series from before the break, we consider one of the messiest interpersonal situations described in the New Testament. It is a story of theft, debt and the need for justice. What does it look like to Get unstuck when life is messy?


Confidence…in suffering?

Can we really be confident in God’s purposes in any and every situation? Not just the good times but the bad times as well?

At City Legal Kanishka Raffel considers the foundations of confidence that followers of Jesus can have.

And we reach the climax of our series in the eighth chapter of the famous letter to the Romans as we see how we can have confidence in God’s purposes in any situation.

Get unstuck one day at a time

What would it take for you to get to the end of today and feel satisfied? This talk considers what it looks like to live the lif

We have particular things that we are looking forward to whether it is achieving goals, going on holidays or just stopping for a coffee break... but what does it look like to live the life you were made for day by day even in the midst of the daily grind?

Get unstuck in a distraction free zone

What does it look like to live a full life? For many of us a danger is that our lives are filled with things that distract us fr

In our 'Unstuck' series we've been considering the Bibles take on what it means to get unstuck and live the life you were made for. This talk considers how the Bible's vision for life helps us identify distractions that stop us from living the lives we were made for.

Get unstuck with the right mentor

Have you ever felt stuck, like something was stopping you from being what you were made to be? Could the right mentor help us?

The experience and insights from someone with more experienced can be incredibly helpful. The right mentor can be a great asset to getting unstuck. But what happens when your mentor looks like a disaster? Do their words have any weight? This week we consider Paul and what the Colossians learn from him in circumstances that don't appear to be worth emulating.


Confidence…in suffering?

Will your confidence be dented as you face life’s inevitable difficulties and setbacks?

Earlier this year at City Legal Kanishka Raffel considered the foundations of confidence that followers of Jesus can have. This week we’ll consider how these foundations can allow us to maintain and even gain confidence in the midst of suffering.

Kanishka picks up his series in the eighth chapter of the famous letter to the Romans.

What’s the point when life’s just a series of Facebook memories?

A Common Destiny?

With the sixth ‘Terminator’ movie due to be released later this year, the notion of a ‘Judgment Day’ may well ‘be back’ on the agenda. What possible good could come from a real judgment day? At City Legal, Al Stewart finishes his series by speaking about some ancient wisdom which may well be the antidote to the existential angst that grips our society…

What’s the point when I have anxiety about everything I can’t control?

An Anxious Future?

A person once said that ‘It is a sign of intellectual maturity to always crawl to conclusions’. But what if the conclusion we eventually come to is bleak? What then? And isn’t it anxiety-producing if the same destiny overtakes all, and I can’t control it? At City Legal, Al Stewart sheds some light on the wise one who once said: ‘even the very hairs of your head are all numbered’.