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Confidence in the Spirit

Everyone is discussing what a government would be like... but have you considered how yourself is governed?

In this talk, Kanishka Raffel continues to unpack Romans 8 as we consider the battle between 'self government', the 'government of the Spirit' and we see how the message of the Bible gives a source of confidence that sustains, directs and nurtures hope even in the face of suffering.

What’s the point when I never have enough money?

How much money is enough?

How much money is enough?

When John D. Rockefeller was once asked "How much money is enough money?" he famously replied, "Just a little bit more." While this may resonate with many of us, would we be willing to agree with the more darkly ironic comment of Groucho Marx, who said: ‘While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery’?

How much money is enough, according to the bible? Al Stewart sheds some ancient wisdom on when enough is enough.

Aladdin review


Here's the rub, this film is magical in its own way

3.5 stars

You’re only in trouble if you get caught. - Aladdin

It's hard to believe that the animated version of Aladdin with Robin Williams was released 27 years ago, because the film continues to play in the public’s lives through streaming, cable and memes. Then to think that anyone could live up to the masterful performance of the legendary comedian seems to be an insurmountable task.

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What’s the point when good things never seem to last very long?

The Search…

Oscar Wilde once said that ‘Pleasure is the only thing that one should live for, nothing ages like happiness’. But why does the law of diminishing returns seem to apply - even to pleasure? Why do we so easily find ourselves on the hedonistic treadmill? Al Stewart explains some ancient wisdom on how to keep your compass in a sea of pleasure.

Confidence in the Son

Are you confident? If you are, what is your confidence based on? Consider the foundation of confidence for followers of Jesus

Everyone agrees confidence is important but does it matter what you put your confidence in? Can you gain and maintain confidence through difficulties setbacks, or will it be lost? This talk considers the foundation of confidence for followers of Jesus.

Reel Dialogue - Aladdin - See a movie on us

Reel Dialogue would like to grant you one wish this season

To celebrate the upcoming Disney release of Aladdin on 23 May, Reel Dialogue wants to offer our fans a chance to win a double pass to be utilised in your local theatres.

Synopsis of the film: A kindhearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

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What’s the point when life’s just eat, sleep, work, repeat?

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day was an American Comedy film starring Bill Murray. Bill plays Phil Connors, a TV Weatherman who during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event, is caught in a time loop, repeatedly reliving the same day. Have you ever felt you’re living out ‘Groundhog Day’, in a monotonous, treadmill-like daily cycle?

In our new series, Al Stewart tackles this most modern of problems by looking at the (surprising) wisdom of an ancient one who said ‘There is nothing new under the sun’.

Beyond Regret

Words from the Graveside

Words from the Graveside

Jesus wept. It’s the shortest verse in the bible. And one of the most profound. Join us at City Legal this week to hear Peter Wrench explain what led to those tears and what Jesus said and did that moved his friends beyond regret.

Top End Wedding review


The wedding invitation everyone would like to receive

Director Wayne Blair delivered the captivating true story of the indigenous Australian singing group, The Sapphires. He managed to tell a uniquely Australian tale and the impact of this talented group on the soldiers of the world during the Vietnam War. Miranda Tapsell was a bright spark in the ensemble portrayed in the musical drama and her talents began to grow across the acting world. Along with acting, she proved to have skills in writing and producing which led her to bring her romantic-comedy of Top End Wedding to audiences.

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‘We will rebuild’


As Paris mourns and considers what to do during the aftermath of Notre Dame Cathedral being engulfed by a catastrophic fire, one message consistently stated is that ‘we will rebuild.’

French President Emmanuel Macron was quoted, “Let’s be proud, because we built this cathedral more than 800 years ago, we’ve built it and throughout the centuries, let it grow and improved it. So I solemnly say tonight: we will rebuild it together.” (Reuters/AP 16 April 2019)

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