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The week that changed the world

A fresh new way for people to read the Easter story, and consider what impact it has had

The week that changed the world is the week of the first Easter. And it's also the title of a new Bible reading resource. In this 28 page booklet, 11 city workers reflect on 11 episodes from that week that culminated in Jesus' death and resurrection.

We hope you and your friends and colleagues profit from reading The week that changed the world. This page aims to give you some extra resources as you consider the week that changed the world.

Why is Easter so potent? Surely it is because Easter deals with the most spine-tingling topic possible: death, judgement, and the possibility of surviving them both.

"The great tragedy at the heart of Easter, the crucifixion of Jesus as a claimed king or messiah, is attested by Christian and non-Christian sources of the ancient world, and is considered as 'beyond reasonable doubt' by all reputable historians today."

– Dr John Dickson, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University

Reading Luke's account of Jesus

See the box on the right for some pointers on how to read more of Luke's account of Jesus.

Can I take Luke's account seriously?

The Easter story: reasons to believe

Dr John Dickson explains in this video why he finds the Easter story compelling.

What sort of literature is Luke writing?

Dr Craig S Keener suggests the gospels fit the genre of ancient biographies. See the video here.

Can we trust what we read in the Bible?

Professor Craig Blomberg answers a number of questions in this video: what do we know of the historical Jesus, can the Bible be trusted, and what about mistakes in the Bible.

Can we read Luke as both history and as a sacred text?

In this video, Professor Darrell Bock looks at whether treating the Bible as an historical document is incompatible with treating it as a sacred text.

What are the implications of Luke's message?

See the box on the right for a selection of podcasts that seek to draw out the impact of Luke's message in the 21st century.