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Public forums

Free public talks on unmissable topics near your office in the CBD.

Do science and God mix?

Prof John Lennox addressed this question in August 2014

Exploring Christianity

Bible reading groups

Want a chance to read the Bible? Perhaps for the first time?

Christians in the workplace


Do you need some tools to help you in your good works at work?


Are you a Christian graduate wanting to connect with others near your workplace? 

Upcoming events

God's Undertaker; Has Science Buried God?

Discussion groups/book clubs

Thu Aug 21st to Thu Oct 30th
Are you interested in joining others in Adelaide to read John Lennox's book, 'God's Undertaker, Has Science Buried God?'

Seeking asylum

Next on Thu Oct 23rd, Wed Oct 29th, 1.10pm-1.50pm
Today, security, alert levels, refugees, refuge have a renewed focus.  Join us for 4 talks from Ruth as we consider where we currently seek security and where lasting security can be found
Jesus in the library

Jesus in the library

Next on Thu Oct 23rd, 12.30pm-1pm
What would Jesus say to 7 authors who have helped shape our time?
Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons

Next on Fri Oct 24th, 12.30pm-1.20pm
Is there a spiritual dimension to our world? And if so who is part of it?

The feast

Next on Wed Nov 5th, 12.40pm-1.20pm
A business lunch that is open to people of all beliefs. Enjoy tasty food and a stimulating talk from the Bible.