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Public forums

Free public talks on unmissable topics near your office in the CBD.

Do science and God mix?

Prof John Lennox addressed this question in August 2014

Exploring Christianity

Bible reading groups

Want a chance to read the Bible? Perhaps for the first time?

Christians in the workplace


Do you need some tools to help you in your good works at work?


Are you a Christian graduate wanting to connect with others near your workplace? 

Upcoming events

Christmas in Melbourne

Mon Dec 8th to Wed Dec 24th
Check out all of the great opportunities across Melbourne to engage the Christmas message

Christians in the workplace

Lyceum Summer School: Why bother?

Mon Jan 19th, Tue Jan 20th, Wed Jan 21st, Thu Jan 22nd, Fri Jan 23rd, 12.30pm-1.15pm
The Lyceum Summer School will help you engage your disinterested or hostile colleagues in a thoughtful, winsome way.

Welcome to the Jungle 2015

Mon Feb 23rd, 5.45pm-8.30pm
Starting work in 2015?