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Training is a journey. For over 30 years we’ve helped thousands of Christians take the next step.

We help you see where God has already placed you, and then help you make practical changes to grow and share your faith in the cut and thrust of everyday work and life. We get that it’s daunting — you’re busy, nervous or unsure where to start. Let us help you build your confidence to make tough decisions, be fruitful amidst complex topics and have deeper spiritual conversations that open the way for sharing the Gospel wherever you are.

Where would you like to begin?

Faith and work

How does my Christian faith connect with my work? How does it change the way I do it? How does it bring true meaning and purpose to my daily labour? And how might the answers to those questions also shape my workplace witness?


Wherever you currently are at on your Evangelism journey, we have tailor-made programs suitable for you and your community. Get a view of your current strengths and weaknesses, then start the journey! Go at your own pace, or join a community of mentors willing to nurture and help you grow.

Sharing God's Word

Discover the joy of sharing God’s Word! Telling others about Jesus can seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be! We believe God’s Word does God’s work best. All you need to do is open it with someone and allow them to meet Jesus for themselves.

Looking for something specific for yourself, your small group or your church?

Our Courses distil 30 years of experience supporting Christians to live out and share their faith at the fast-changing frontlines of the modern world. From growing your cross-cultural engagement in a complex world, to listening well and remaining calm in one-on-one conversations; from finding freedom and flourishing in your work, to deepening genuine relationships. Come and learn from our experience.