Can neuroscience inform morality?

Oct 31st, 2014
A scientist reflects on neuroscience, Sam Harris and moral reasoning. 

Which of these Brunswick posters is most offensive?

Oct 27th, 2014
Two vastly contrasting posters were seen in the inner-north of Melbourne recently.

Has religion been the cause of most wars in history?

Oct 20th, 2014
This claim is often made, but is it true?

Beer: Proof that God loves us?

Oct 15th, 2014
Beer is a good gift of God's creation and proof that God loves us. But Jesus is even better proof.

Myth busters: Christianity!

Sep 23rd, 2014
Did the early Christians invent their myth within 5 years?

The Giver: what does it give us?

Sep 15th, 2014
Our film blogger looks this cinematic gift horse in the mouth...

Resurrection: case dismissed?

Aug 27th, 2014
A lawyer examines the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus: would it be admissible in court?

"Still Life" and why people matter

Aug 15th, 2014
The film "Still Life" challenges the value we place on efficiency in our workplaces

The munch - great expectations #4

Aug 4th, 2014
So, what does God expect of me?  Written by a father with 4 adult kids, this is the final blog exploring our expectations after our Young Worker's event: Great expectations.

The munch - great expectations #3

Jul 28th, 2014
Are there unstated expectations with God? Is that why I am frustrated with religion? Here is the third piece exploring expectations after our Young Worker's event: Great expectations