Bali 9 Andrew Chan & Myuran Sukumaran

There's no going back

Apr 29th, 2015
There's no going back from what's happened in Indonesia. But is there an exception?

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Apr 22nd, 2015
What is the way to 'real' peace?
Lone Pine Cemetery Gallipoli

What does Anzac Day mean to you?

Apr 21st, 2015
Is this just another Aussie public holiday? Or is there a deeper meaning leading up to the 100th anniversary?

Lest we forget : approaching Anzac Day

Apr 20th, 2015
This coming Anzac Day we have already seen unethical behaviour of companies cashing in on what promises to be a significant memorial. It begs the question, what are we actually remembering?

The Age of Adaline - the review

Apr 15th, 2015
Would you want to be forever young? 

Responding to the murder of Stephanie Scott

Apr 14th, 2015
Stephanie Scott was brutally murdered a week before her wedding. How do you respond to this tragedy and how do you make sense of it? 

Headstart: Getting our instincts right

Apr 13th, 2015
What happens at Headstart? Our post-event wrap up from our last Headstart for Term 1. 

The longest ride

Apr 10th, 2015
Where can you find true love? 

Ex Machina

Apr 10th, 2015
Will I pass your test?
In mourning

Germanwings - an issue of trust

Apr 2nd, 2015
When life's tragedies rob us of trust, trusting in Jesus can restore our faith in others. Let me explain...