Logos Live 25: Time poor, soul rich

Anne Winckel
Jul 26th, 2015

Jesus and same sex marriage

Ian Powell
Jul 23rd, 2015
What would Jesus say about same sex marriage?

Logos Live 24: In the Beginning

Rodney Holder
Jul 19th, 2015

Logos Live 23: Poetry and Paul

Will Mackerras
Jul 12th, 2015

A necessary evil

Professor John G Stackhouse Jr
Jul 7th, 2015
Do we truly want a world without evil? Professor John G Stackhouse Jr explores the problem of evil in a world supposedly controlled by God.

Jesus On Trial Jury Deliberations

Paul Whitfield
Jun 30th, 2015
What was the jury's verdict on "Jesus On Trial"?

Will evil ultimately prevail?

Ian Powell
Jun 25th, 2015
What can the example of Elijah teach us about justice?

Logos Live 20: Millionaire to Slum

Diane Judge
Jun 21st, 2015