Why should I care about the Bible when it's just an archaic human document?

Ian Powell
Sep 18th, 2014
Jesus and Christians believe that God speaks through the Bible. We explore 5+ bits of evidence that supports this exciting claim.

Lessons in Leadership (Bible reading material)

City Bible Forum
Sep 18th, 2014
Exploring the book of 1 Samuel and what we can learn about leadership.

Is the God of the Bible homophobic or tolerant?

Ian Powell
Sep 11th, 2014
Is God anti-gay? What does the Bible really say. What does science really say? What about Jesus and homosexuality?

Wanting to hide from God

David Jones
Sep 5th, 2014
What it means to experience God's inescapable presence.

Standing in God's presence

David Jones
Aug 29th, 2014
What it means to experience God's presence.

Jesus and our exceeding righteousness

Ian Powell
Aug 28th, 2014
Jesus finally spells out how to live. It's deeper and higher than imagined. Not murder, but verbal abuse and anger are out. Not adultery, but deliberate lust is sin.

Science and Ethics: Can science teach us to be good?

Lewis Jones
Aug 27th, 2014
Is science alone able to help us make ethical decisions or is something more required?

Cosmic chemistry in Brisbane

John Lennox
Aug 22nd, 2014
Do science and God mix?