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Life: Am I somebody to someone?

Sam Chan
May 13th, 2015
Do I really feel like I am somebody who is important to someone?

Sex in the City

David Jones
May 12th, 2015

The use and misuse of the law

Phillip Jensen
May 7th, 2015
What does God have to do with morality and the Law?

Life: Am I making a difference?

Sam Chan
May 6th, 2015
How can I know if I am making a difference?

5 lessons to learn before 25

Sam Chan
May 4th, 2015
Learn how to short circuit what you need to know to succeed in life.

Finally, someone to inspire me

Al Stewart
Apr 30th, 2015
Have you considered the spiritual journey that Jesus offers?

Jesus on talkback radio

Paul Whitfield
Apr 20th, 2015
Talk back radio broadcast regarding 'Jesus on trial'

The cheerful Jesus virus

Ian Powell
Mar 26th, 2015
How does the good news of Jesus spread?

Finally, what does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

Al Stewart
Mar 25th, 2015
What does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

Does it satisfy?

Matt Dillahunty, Shane Rogerson
Mar 20th, 2015
Which experience of life is most satisfying? Atheism or Christianity? Hear the stories of two men who have experienced both.