Kate's kitchen table

Kate Bracks, Lachlan Clyne
Jun 26th, 2016
The Masterchef winner shares stories and food from the heart of her home

Logos Live 45: Can we live by science alone? A word for Richard Dawkins

Chris Mulherin
Jun 26th, 2016
What would Rev. Dr. Chris Mulherin say if he had a private word with Richard Dawkins? Is science the only game in town when it comes to facts?

How to bee a friend and influence people

Leni-jo McMillian
Jun 23rd, 2016
Minister grace and love

Logos Live 44: Religion and politics: a toxic mix?

Vickie Janson, Barney Zwartz
Jun 19th, 2016
Should we get religion out of politics? Hear from an aspiring Christian politician and media commentator.

Logos Live 43: The X Files returns: is the truth still out there?

Christina Smith, Michael Smith
Jun 12th, 2016
Are we alone in the universe? Would the existence of intelligent alien life challenge the Christian message?

Logos Live 42: Why different resurrection accounts? A journalist investigates

Elizabeth Redman
Jun 5th, 2016
The four accounts of Jesus' resurrection contain differences - what explains these differences and what does it matter? A journalist applies her training to investigate why the resurrection is 'top story'.

Who believes in hell anymore?

Al Stewart
Jun 1st, 2016
In June 2016, Al Stewart answered four difficult questions with four confronting answers.  Listen to what Jesus says about hell.

Logos Live 41: Faith based on evidence

John Hudson
May 29th, 2016
Is faith based on evidence an oxymoron? John Hudson discusses some of the evidence underlying the Christian faith.

Extraordinary wealth

Sam Chan
May 26th, 2016
How can I find extra-ordinary wealth when money isn’t enough?

Logos Live 40: India: a very religious place

PJ Mathai
May 22nd, 2016
What does it mean to become and remain a Christian in India? Hear about preaching, persecution and what makes Jesus unique.