The hero who never dies - Why 'resurrection' is standard hero equipment

Mark Hadley
Jul 24th, 2014

The resurrection is standard for the hero in most stories, or is it merely leaving 'bread crumbs' to a bigger story?

Lord of the Lens - Can we find God in film?

Adrian Drayton
Jul 16th, 2014

Adrian looks at the value of analysing film and culture through the lens of the Bible.

Reel revenge

Al Stewart
Jul 10th, 2014

We enjoy watching a movie hero get their revenge. The Bible gives us three very clear reasons not to take revenge: all based on what we can know about God.

Great Expectations

Ian Powell, Megan Coall
Jul 8th, 2014

For many young workers, expectations they face stifle. So what are we expecting? Are we waiting for a pearl or have we settled for a pebble?

The Bible and film - Hollywood's take on God's scripts

Adrian Drayton, Laura Bennett, Giles Hardie
Jul 3rd, 2014

Discussion on: Should the Bible be depicted on the big screen? Are films modern day parables? What are the benefits of healthy dialogue about film and culture?

From comfortable to courageous

Dr Darryl Cross
Jun 27th, 2014

How can Christians step out of their comfort zone and into the courage zone in their workplace?

Love God - what does that mean?

Ian Powell
Jun 26th, 2014

Loving God is the first and great commandment according to Jesus. What it is, how it works and how to grow in Love for Him.

If you discover Christianity is not about rules?

Glenn Hohnberg
Jun 20th, 2014

What difference would it make if you discovered that Christianity wasn't about rules? In the third talk in the series, hear how that just might be the case.

Love your neighbour - who is my neighbour?

Ian Powell
Jun 19th, 2014

We try to limit those we are obliged to care for. The good Samaritan story shows us how, and how we are to love.

Love your neighbour - the mad Samaritan

Ian Powell
Jun 19th, 2014

The Legal Forum. We try to limit those we are obliged to care for. The Samaritan story shows how, and how we are to love.