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Jesus on talkback radio

Paul Whitfield
Apr 20th, 2015
Talk back radio broadcast regarding 'Jesus on trial'

The cheerful Jesus virus

Ian Powell
Mar 26th, 2015
How does the good news of Jesus spread?

Finally, what does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

Al Stewart
Mar 25th, 2015
What does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

Does it satisfy?

Matt Dillahunty, Shane Rogerson
Mar 20th, 2015
Which experience of life is most satisfying? Atheism or Christianity? Hear the stories of two men who have experienced both.

True or false worship

Ian Powell
Mar 19th, 2015
How, who, why and where should Christians worship?

Finally, a God who speaks to me

Al Stewart
Mar 18th, 2015
Can God really speak to me?

Fact or Fiction: Is the resurrection a fairytale?

John Anderson, Han Baltussen, Chris Forbes, Gaby Jaksa, Andrew Schatz
Mar 17th, 2015
Watch a discussion on whether the resurrection is historical.

Thirst quenching

Ian Powell
Mar 12th, 2015
What is it about Jesus that is truly satisfying?

Finally, something to live for

Al Stewart
Mar 11th, 2015
What would give life meaning and purpose?

What is wrong with Jesus?

Ian Powell
Mar 5th, 2015
Why most people need to ignore Jesus