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"We all know about IQ and EQ but what if there was something called the Evangelism Quotient? Or EvQ? What if we knew how to read the room and knew what to say when we spoke about Jesus? What if there was not just a curriculum, but mentors willing to nurture and help you increase your EvQ?

"Welcome to the School of Evangelism where we are raising the next generation of evangelists who know what to say and when to say it."

- Sam Chan

Please contact our team for further information.

Wherever you currently are at on your Evangelism journey, we have tailor-made programs suitable for everyday Christians, for people who consider themselves natural evangelists, and for those who aspire to be public evangelists.

Everyday Christian

Meet Emma: a working mum who wants to share Jesus more with those around her. She is excited and open to growing her EvQ skills in conversational gospel sharing.

Natural evangelist

Meet Ollie: a former AFL draftee who is already keen at sharing his faith. He wants to take his EvQ to the next level by honing in on his evangelism skills, to maybe one day become ...

Public evangelist

Meet John: a natural evangelist whose EvQ is already high and is ready to be trained to give talks and share Jesus more publicly across various audiences, both Christian & non-Christian.

One heart, vastly different backgrounds

Our team may all be from different backgrounds, but all share these things in common:

  • They love sharing Jesus with many across varying audiences;
  • They all have a heart to share their skills and experience to grow the EvQ of others;
  • They are themselves always looking to grow their own EvQ.

We’re thankful for God’s provision as we establish the EvQ School of Evangelism. Here’s how you can partner with us as we raise up the next generation of evangelists.

Pray with us
  • Pray for our evangelists as they grow their EvQ through our program
  • Pray for much fruit as our evangelists reach out in many ways through their communities
  • Pray for the personal growth of our mentors on TeamEvQ
  • Pray for wisdom as we look to sustainably grow our school of evangelism
  • Pray for God’s constant provision as the school grows
Partner financially with us

We are grateful for the financial support to establish our new school of evangelism. As we grow, so too does our financial needs.

If you would like to support the everyday running of EvQ, whether as a regular supporter or as a one off gift, please click Support us now.

Join TeamEVQ

Do you see a world thirsty for Jesus?
Do you see a field ready for harvest?
Do you see yourself raising up the next generation of keen "in tune" evangelists?
Are you hungry to share your public speaking skills and personal experience with the next upcoming evangelist?
Have you had experience in mentoring individuals one-on-one before?
Are you flexible and excited to shape new approaches?
Are you willing to receive & give open and honest feedback?
Are you someone who can encouragingly hold others accountable?
Do you see yourself as part of a new mentoring community, sharing your experiences and growing together?
Are you someone who can prioritise your time to prepare and meet with the evangelists you're mentoring?

If this, or most of it, sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you! Interested? Take the first step to becoming a mentor with TeamEvQ by clicking Contact us below. We’ll send you details of what’s involved and we’ll take it from there!

Stay tuned as we build up our Members resources


Realtime learning courses

With a suite of various resources updated regularly, the EvQ School of Evangelism programs will stimulate your EvQ and keep it in tune with what’s relevant today. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer ...

EPIC - evangelistic preaching in a complex world
with Sam Chan

Public Evangelist program

The name says it all! Become the preacher that they would be glad to bring their friends to hear about Jesus!

What a natural evangelist needs to know
with Julie-Anne Laird

Natural Evangelist program

Have you had conversations about faith with friends and family but were not sure how you arrived there? You might be a natural evangelist. Come along to hone your skills and to honour God with the gift He's given you!

with Sam Chan

Everyday Christian program

Have you found talking about Jesus is becoming more difficult? A slippery road with more roadblocks, detours and "no right turns"? But the Gospel remains God's good news. So, how can it stick? Join us for Traction: how to make the good news stick.

Having calmer conversations
with Caroline Spencer

Everyday Christian program

Evangelism can be anxiety-producing. It comes with a real or perceived threat of rejection and possibly persecution. Sometimes we are aware of this and we feel anxious. Other times the anxiety is at a subconscious level. This course is about simple principles and practical communication techniques that can help us keep calm, create opportunities and share Jesus.

Personal outreach with The Word 121
with John Board and Tim Chen

Everyday Christian program

Provide your personal outreach a kickstart or tune up with some practical tools, tips and resources to help you reach out to people in your communities.

EvQ Special Events

Not-to-be-missed events covering both classic and cultural evangelism topics, relevant to today's world. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer ...

In tune
with Max Jeganathan

All programs

Keep your EvQ "in tune" with the hottest topics going around!

Exclusive Mentee Special Events

Access to leading evangelists in a more intimate group. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer ...

Half time
with Sam Chan

Public + Natural Evangelist programs

Spend a night with Sam Chan and your fellow mentees digesting and discussing burning questions.

Full time
with Sam Chan

Public + Natural Evangelist programs

Spend a night with Sam Chan and your fellow mentees digesting and discussing burning questions.