Networks | City Bible Forum


City Bible Forum operates discipleship networks specifically for Christians to help them grow in Christ-likeness. The intent for all these networks is to reach others with the good news about Jesus. We also operate evangelistic networks that help enquirers explore the claims of Jesus, and introduce them to Christian community. These enquirer-friendly networks operate under our Third Space brand.

Networks for Christians

Training, mentoring and community for Christian young workers
All cities | Weekly
Prayer, fellowship and resourcing for small groups of Christians
Serving Christ together in your company, firm or government department
All cities | Occasionally

Networks for Christians and enquirers

A group for those in the legal profession. Sharp legal minds engaging with the bigger questions of life.
All cities | Weekly
Group for accountants, actuaries and financiers. Networking, support and learning for anyone in 'numbers' industry.
Sydney | Quarterly
A safe community for women to share perspectives, re-think positions and change practise, in order to grow in work and life.
All cities | Monthly
Helping men to face adversity and challenges in all walks of life
All cities | Weekly
A group for those who are between roles
All cities | Fortnightly