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Bigger Questions

Bigger Questions is a radio show recorded in front of a live audience in the city of Melbourne.

A guest is interviewed on a particular topic or theme. We hear their story and their reflections on a short passage from the Bible. The concept is a fun and thoughtful forum - all recorded in half an hour at lunch.

Come along and be a part of a stimulating public forum in Melbourne that reflects this great, thoughtful city. Who said exploring the big questions of life shouldn't be fun?

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Bigger Questions is broadcast 9pm Sundays on 89.9LightFM:

And 7.30pm Sundays LifeFm Bendigo:

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Why do we explore space?
23-25 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Robert Martin | 12 Oct 2018
A poem by Cam Semmens shared at a recording of Bigger Questions. Something to get you to think.
Robert Martin | 27 Sep 2018
How modern popular culture reveals something bigger.
Robert Martin | 30 Apr 2018