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Bigger Questions

A podcast and radio show with conversations exploring the bigger questions of life.

Bigger Questions is a podcast, radio show and live event.

A guest is interviewed on a particular topic or theme. We hear their story and their reflections on a short passage from the Bible. The concept is a fun and thoughtful forum - all recorded in half an hour.

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Come along and be a part of the live audience. Shows are recorded regularly in Melbourne (and elsewhere), check out the calendar in your city and join us for an enjoyable reflection on some of life's bigger questions.

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Recent resources

Andrew Laird, Sharon Cheung | 6 Dec 2020
Reflecting on the desire to reboot after 2020
Brian Rosner | 29 Nov 2020
What do we do with the desire for more
Robyn Boosey | 22 Nov 2020
A pathway from violence to flourishing
Sharon Garro | 15 Nov 2020
A pathway to flourishing
Robert Martin | 30 Apr 2018
Sharon Cheung | 5 Feb 2018
Isn't the Bible just a bunch of ‘Chinese whispers’?
Mike Bayliss, Robert Martin | 21 Dec 2017
Is the Christmas story based on fact or fiction?

Recycled content

KK Yeo
3 Feb 2019
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.
Tracy Trinita
4 Feb 2018
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey
Peter Adam
22 Apr 2018
Are you crazy busy? Why we're busy and some practical advice on how we can live amidst the busyness of life.
Dami Im
25 May 2020
Singer Dami Im shares how she finds comfort, peace, and purpose