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Reel Dialogue

Engaging with films without disengaging faith

Reel Dialogue is a creative dialogue between the Christian faith and entertainment culture. Film makers saturate us with visual images and messages, and it’s important to consciously consider these messages rather than passively consume a filmmaker’s worldview.

TV and film offer powerful ways to tell stories and reflect cultural values, ethics and morals. To help you reflect on, discuss and discover what spiritual truth often resides in popular films, we provide downloadable discussion guides, film reviews and tools. Common ground can be forged with storytellers, image shapers, and culture makers.

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Pulling back the curtain on dystopia
Scots Church
44 Margaret Street, Sydney
Russ Matthews | 16 Feb 2020
Can you remember the classic tale?
Russ Matthews | 14 Feb 2020
Why is there such a stigma with mental health?
Russ Matthews | 13 Feb 2020
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