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Who can you really trust?

Who can you really trust?

We love watching the latest spy film because they engage that visceral desire to know the secrets of the world. Who can you really trust? 

In these movies, audiences escape into a realm in which something happens that changes the world. A secret will be stolen or protected, a villain will be caught or escape, the conspiracy will be confirmed or be proven wrong, governments will fall or revenge will come for our hero. Yet, even the Bible has its stories of historical espionage. The twelve who go into the promised land, the story of Ehud and the obese king or the work of Delilah against Samson. These biblical stories prove that the work of spies and assassins have played a part in changing world history. 

Real vs fiction, right vs wrong, good vs evil. These intriguing tales of power and politics continue to draw us into these cloak and dagger worlds. 


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