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Where can we find real love?

When it comes to romance, the God of the Bible does not usually come to mind as a purveyor of love. Most people inside and outside the Christian faith may think that discovering real romance can only occur outside the Bible. It is an unfortunate misconception because as the Creator and God of love, it can be said that romance was his idea too. This collection explores the beauty and struggles of love and romance through various film reviews, talks, and podcasts.

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Russ Matthews | 24 Jul 2021
A celebration of letter writing and how love can transcend decades
Russ Matthews | 28 Jun 2021
Not really romantic or funny
Russ Matthews | 18 Jun 2021
(French: Les Parfums)
Russ Matthews | 7 May 2021
Reel Dialogue Short Take review
Amy Isham | 1 Apr 2021
Why we crave a happy ending
Russ Matthews | 31 Mar 2021
Not a ghost of a chance