Complaints and Feedback policy | City Bible Forum


To ensure timely investigation of complaints about City Bible Forum (CBF), including programs, events, communications or blogs, instigated by the organization, or in its name.

This systematic approach to the receiving and handling of complaints will help CBF to be fully accountable to its stakeholders, encouraging them to have a voice and to speak up if required, especially on any matter of perceived unethical, unprofessional, inappropriate or unsafe conduct they become aware of, on order that CBF can investigate and rectify as necessary.


Consistent with our organizational values of respect, patience and humility, CBF values the views of others, including views that may come across as critical or which point out areas in which we have been deficient. We accept we are not perfect, and we value complaints and feedback as a means of identifying and understanding how we can do things better.

In dealing with complaints and feedback we aim to be humble, fair, accessible, responsive and efficient, with complaints dealt with by staff with the skills and seniority to hear, to professionally handle and to resolve the issues raised.


What can be complained about?

While not limited to the following, the types of matters that this procedure envisages could be complained about include:

  • Bullying or Harassment,
  • Conduct of CBF staff, or of other stakeholders involved, in programs or events,
  • Discrimination,
  • Fraudulent acts,
  • Victimisation,
  • Vilification.

Complaints will be treated under this policy unless the complainant identifies that they are making the complaint under the Whistleblower Policy, in which case that policy will prevail.

For complaints related to how CBF receives or uses the information provided, the Privacy Policy will prevail.

Who can make a complaint?

Complaints can be received under this policy from any external person, including volunteers, registrants for an event we are holding, churches we have agreements with, organisations we partner with, and government agencies.

Complaints from employees are not received under this policy as other procedures exist for the handling of employee complaints.

Complaints should be directed, by email to, or posted to:

The General Manager, City Bible Forum, PO Box 12950, GEORGE STREET, BRISBANE QLD 4003

If the complaint is in relation to the General Manager, it should be submitted to the Chair of the Board, Greg Clarke


CBF will take complaints seriously. Complaints will be received, in the first instance, by the General Manager, who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint. This would ordinarily be within one (1) business day of it being received.

The General Manager will determine the most appropriate person to deal with the complaint which may include (but is not limited to):

  • The relevant Executive with accountability for the performance of the area in which the complaint arose.
  • The Board Chair, for matters of organisational governance.
  • An external body, such as an investigator, or the Police for matters of a criminal nature.

The person handling the complaint will ensure the matter is appropriately and fairly investigated, adopting a neutral position throughout. They will seek to identify the causes of the complaint, and systemic issues that need to be addressed to prevent recurrence.

Should an investigation reveal:

  • Activities that are criminal in nature, then these will be promptly referred to the Police in the relevant state.
  • A breach of policy by staff, then this will be handled in accordance with disciplinary procedures.

If we reasonably believe that a complaint is vexatious, trivial or not genuine we will inform the complainant accordingly as soon as we form that view.


CBF will seek to:

  • Understand what resolution the complainant is seeking.
  • Keep the complainant informed as to the progress in the handling of the complaint, unless it was made anonymously, or it was indicated that such was not required.
  • Resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant.
  • Right any wrongs that investigations bring to light.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome they may request the complaint be referred to the Board for review for adequacy of the process that was followed.


The Board will be informed of any complaints received under this Procedure to ensure transparency and good governance.


Reviewed by Managing Director, 4 August 2021
Approved by the Board, 6 September 2021

Reviewed by General Manager on 20 October 2023
Approved by the Board on 30 October 2023