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Never More Hostile, Never more Open

How to engage a hostile world with the gospel of Jesus
Stephen McAlpine

If you've noticed that more people seem to hostile to the Christian message, you're not alone. Our culture has moved beyond post-Christian to being "post-secular" . This means that although the gospel feels distasteful and offensive, scientist, atheism and gender ideology are also failing to satisfy the deepest needs of people.

This course provides a foundation in cultural engagement, teaching you to listen and speak into our culture. Stephen McAlpine shows you how to look beneath the surface hostility in areas of Sex, Science and Scripture - to find the openness where you can share the life-giving gospel of Jesus.

People are angry, but they are also hungry for meaning, truth and grace. The Gospel is still the only place where people can find Jesus, who embodies these things. Gain the skills and confidence to hear the openness beneath the anger, enrol now for 6 months access.

Cultural engagement pathway

Courses in this pathway aim to build skills in engaging with culture and society through understanding worldviews, and communication in the domains of philosophy, film, art and culture.