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The Word 121 Starter

Sharing the Bible using the Word 121
Mark Leong
Maddy Brown

You want to share Jesus with people, but what do you say? Wouldn't it be great if God would speak directly to your friend himself? What if there was a tool that made the Bible easier to open in a friendly relaxed, cafe environment?

This course is designed to get you started as a Bible Sharer, using a tool called the Word 121, which walks you and a friend through the Gospel of John. This starter course will give you the confidence in the value of sharing the Bible, familiarises you with the content and gives you concrete help in asking people to read with you. Including helpful statistics, video workshops, quizzes and stories, this 3 module course will help you feel confident, prepared and excited to share your faith using the Word 121.

Evangelism pathway

Courses in this pathway aim to build courage, confidence, character and conviction towards having better conversations about God.