The Undeceptions Conference 2023 | City Bible Forum

The Undeceptions Conference 2023

Making rational, emotional, moral and historical sense of Christianity
Finished on 5 Aug 2023
Rebecca McLaughlin
Rachel Gilson
Sam Chan
John Dickson
Sarah Irving-Stonebraker
Chris Watkin
Full Conference (ex fee)
Friday only (ex fee)
Saturday only (ex fee)
Live-stream (ex fee)

Hosted by acclaimed author, historian, and podcaster John Dickson, this one-of-a-kind event will feature a world-class line-up of speakers, mediated Q&As, a live recording of the popular Undeceptions podcast, and opportunities to spend more focused time grappling with our theme: making sense of Christianity.

Friday Evening: Includes Rebecca McLaughlin, Rachel Gilson + Q&A

Saturday Day: Includes Sam Chan, Rachel Gilson, Sarah Irving-Stonebreaker (Syd) or Chris Watkin (Melb), choice of 2x workshops, and a live Undeceptions Podcast recording with John Dickson.

SYDNEY: Fri 28th July 6pm – Sat 29th July 5pm
MELBOURNE + Livestream: Fri 4th August 6pm – Sat 5th August 5pm