Arrival review

Reel Dialogue
Oct 26th, 2016
This film will speak your language or blow your mind... or both!

Hacksaw Ridge film review

Reel Dialogue
Oct 7th, 2016
A raw depiction of courage and faith

The Girl on the Train review

Reel Dialogue
Oct 4th, 2016
Where does your mind go on your morning commute? (Spoiler Free Review)

The best kept secret to enduring happiness

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Sep 28th, 2016
Is it possible to have enduring happiness? We reflect on the stories of people who claim to have found it.

The Magnificent Seven film review

Reel Dialogue
Sep 23rd, 2016
Will it measure up to the 1960 version?

Lifegroup uncovered – reflections from a participant

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Sep 21st, 2016
What is a Lifegroup? Caroline Spencer interviews a Lifegroup participant to find out more.

What are you really worth?

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Sep 13th, 2016
We compare two recent stories about people who have grappled with this question.

Did Tracy get it wrong? 3 reasons to pursue success…

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Sep 6th, 2016
We all want to be happy, and City Bible Forum's guest speaker Tracy Trinita suggested that success can't really make you happy but did she get it right?

Sully film review

Reel Dialogue
Sep 6th, 2016
Can you remember the 'Miracle on the Hudson of 2009?'

Blood Father film review

Reel Dialogue
Aug 31st, 2016
For the love of a father