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About City Bible Forum

Reaching the world through workers with the good news about Jesus

City Bible forum creates the spaces and opportunities near the workplace where an intelligent discussion of God's ways can take place. At City Bible Forum you'll find extensive resources, support and connection so wherever you are, whoever you're with, you too will have the confidence and motivation to stand for Jesus and witness at work.

Together we can reach thousands of city workers from every worldview, in every major city of Australia, every year.

What we do

Events & Public Forums

Our interactive events and public forums are designed for the curious, the thinkers, the sceptics. They include; The Edge, The Smith Lecture, Reel Dialogue, Bigger Questions and other special events.


A range of networks are available in each city, to help build community, connection and support. These include; young workers networks, in-house groups, men’s networks, women’s networks, and more.


Join our evangelism and discipleship training to grow your skills in sharing the good news about Jesus with others. Learn how to live a distinctive life in the workplace.

Bible reading

Meet with a team member or in a small group to read the Bible 1:1 to find answers to spiritual issues, explore your questions and deepen your knowledge of God.


Browse our extensive library of podcasts, videos, books, guides and other useful resources available for purchase or download.

Our team