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Izzy good? Izzy bad?

12 Apr 2019
Our secular culture is dead scared of actual difference, of deep diversity.

So it's nearly Easter

10 Apr 2019
Why should you bother with Jesus at this time?


Reel Dialogue
4 Apr 2019
Billy Batson is not quite the diamond in the rough he should be

Workism Part 3

4 Apr 2019
What would it look like in the world of workism to realise that our identity is not produced by us?

Workism Pt 2:

2 Apr 2019
Don’t soldier on with Codral

The New God of Our Age: Workism

28 Mar 2019
Can work carry the weight of transcendence?

Christchurch in an age of connectivity

19 Mar 2019
What of the value of every human life?

George Pell and Waleed Aly

18 Mar 2019
Justice is a very different beast to vengeance

Unpacked #5: Conflict of Interest

15 Mar 2019
I want to be committed to God but I have to work

Best of times, worst of times...

15 Mar 2019
If you know Dickens’ classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, it begins by highlighting a paradox.