Ghostbuster film review

Reel Dialogue
Jul 12th, 2016
Do you believe in ghosts? Forget all of the hype, make up your own mind on this film

Making wise decisions

Bigger Questions
Jul 5th, 2016
How do I avoid making a train wreck of my life? Practical and helpful advice on living and thriving today.

The Legend of Tarzan review

Reel Dialogue
Jul 5th, 2016
Worth swinging into theatres for this jungle adventure

The BFG - Film review

Reel Dialogue
Jun 30th, 2016
Can Steven Spielberg capture the magic of this beloved Roald Dahl book? Bonus: Our resident Roald Dahl expert shares her insights on the film.

Can we live by science alone? A word for Richard Dawkins

Bigger Questions
Jun 28th, 2016
It has been 10 years since the publication of Richard Dawkins' bestseller The God Delusion. What would Rev. Dr. Chris Mulherin say if he had a private word with Richard Dawkins?

Independence Day: Resurgence film review

Reel Dialogue
Jun 23rd, 2016
A bit of a guilty-pleasure and nostalgia rolled into one

Religion and politics: a toxic mix?

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Jun 21st, 2016
Should we get religion out of politics? Hear the story of an aspiring Christian politician and media commentator.

Finding Dory film review

Reel Dialogue
Jun 16th, 2016
It's time to get back in the water + the top 10 Pixar rankings

Well done, good and faithful graduate!

Graduates in Sydney
Jun 15th, 2016
A shout out to all my friends who are graduating!

The X Files returns: is the truth still out there?

Bigger Questions
Jun 14th, 2016
The truth has been revealed.