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The Shack review

Reel Dialogue
25 May 2017
A message that is more hollow than hopeful

How should we respond to Islamic extremism?

Bigger Questions
24 May 2017
The recent terrorist bombing in Manchester has raised big questions of how we should respond to Islamic extremism

King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword

Reel Dialogue
16 May 2017
Film review - Maybe the sword should have remained in the stone

Is there an end for infectious disease?

Bigger Questions
15 May 2017
Will we defeat disease through scientific advances?

The Case for Christ

Reel Dialogue
13 May 2017
Film review - An investigative journey worth taking

Alien: Covenant

Reel Dialogue
8 May 2017
Review + considering the bigger question: Is there a creator?

Honouring the Anzacs: have we gone too far?

Bigger Questions
24 Apr 2017
Anzac Day is a time for remembrance and reflection - but have we gone too far? We ask Mike Raiter some Bigger Questions

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Reel Dialogue
24 Apr 2017
Fun, familiar and father-figures--- How does the new mixtape measure up to the original?

Their Finest

Reel Dialogue
14 Apr 2017
Could this be one of the finest films of 2017?

Ghost in the Shell

Reel Dialogue
30 Mar 2017
A shell of the original