Did Tracy get it wrong? 3 reasons to pursue success…

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Sep 6th, 2016
We all want to be happy, and City Bible Forum's guest speaker Tracy Trinita suggested that success can't really make you happy but did she get it right?

Sully film review

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Sep 6th, 2016
Can you remember the 'Miracle on the Hudson of 2009?'

Blood Father film review

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Aug 31st, 2016
For the love of a father

One killer idea for your résumé

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Aug 31st, 2016
It has been said that our culture lives by our resume, but is this the best way to live?

Kubo and the Two Strings review

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Aug 24th, 2016
A groundbreaking telling of Japanese folklore

Ben-Hur Film review

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Aug 19th, 2016
Is the new version bigger than the Ben-Hurs of the past?

Have we lost our shared humanity?

Aug 17th, 2016
We are so easily offended. Is this because we have lost our shared humanity?
Tracy Trinita

Cover girl meets the grand designer

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Aug 16th, 2016
Indonesia's first supermodel gets her self confidence from something outside of herself

When Miracles happen at Logos Live

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Aug 12th, 2016
We talked about miracles but we didn't know one was about to happen

Suicide Squad review

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Aug 3rd, 2016
Verdict: Almost, but not quite there... yet!