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DISTINCTIVE: Life@Work Conference

The power of an attractive life in the workplace
Friday March 8th, 6.45pm to Saturday March 9th, 1.15pm

"Beauty of life causes strangers to join our ranks. We don't just talk about great things - we live them" (Christian, AD 250)

Historians say the key ingredient to the explosive growth of the church after Jesus' death and resurrection was the distinctive lives of believers. 'The beautiful life' they lived bore a powerful and attractive witness to the difference the Christian faith makes for good.

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Jesus is more tolerant than you would believe

Most people have a picture of Jesus as being very intolerant. But what if he is more tolerant than us?
Thursday August 30th, 7.00am to 8.00am

Most people have a picture of Jesus as being very intolerant. But what if he was actually more tolerant than we would be? What if the Jesus we think we know is not the real Jesus?

Join us for breakfast with guest speaker Sam Chan, and discover more about the real Jesus.

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For the love of God - Brisbane

How the Church is better and worse than you ever imagined
Tuesday October 23rd, 7.45pm to 10.30pm

Join us for a documentary screening of For the Love of God, followed by a panel discussion with John Dickson and Simon Smart, some of the film-makers.

Christianity may be the wellspring for many of our most cherished values today, but Christians should be the first to admit that there’s been plenty of bloodshed along the way. Christian history is full of violence, corruption, and oppression.

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