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Save the Date - City Forums starting Tuesday 18th July

City Forums - Chasing Life: A Soul's Search for Meaning

Save the date for our City Forums starting Tuesday 18th July for 4 weeks.

Chasing Life: A Soul's Search for Meaning.

We'll be exploring the meaning of life in the face of its hard realities from the book of Ecclesiastes.

Ministry Centre: Brisbane

Want to hear more from Sam?

3 opportunities to hear more Sam Chan this Friday

3 opportunities to hear more Sam Chan
1. Tune into 612ABC Friday morning from 8:30am to hear Steve Austin interview Sam Chan
2. Coffee @ Jimmy's on the Mall at 10:30am Friday
or 3. Bring your own lunch at 12 to 143 Ann St
See you then

Ministry Centre: Brisbane

Ticket sales for Celebration Dinner are now closed

Tickets closed for this event - Contact us for more information

Ticket sales have now closed for the Celebration Dinner.

We are sorry you have missed out this time.

Please contact us on 3225 0306 for more information or to check for possible cancellations.

Ministry Centre: Brisbane

City Women, save the date - 19th Sept

What do you long for?

Our next Women's Coffee and Croissant morning will be Wednesday 19th Sept, 7.15am Put the date in your diaries now.

We'll enjoy coffee, croissants and consider how Jesus can answer our deepest longings.

More details to come.

Ministry Centre: Brisbane

Laughter, a great gift from God.

Laughter, comedy and humour is something to be enjoyed and is a gift from God
Sunday August 25th, 6.40am to Thursday March 23rd, 9.30pm

Laughter is astoundingly good and surprisingly powerful! There’s nothing quite like it. Could it be a gift from God?

Join us with comedian Hannah Boland and funny guy Sam Chan to enjoy a laugh and think about the God who gave us laughter.

Audience: General
Ministry Centre: Brisbane

Turning on the Christmas lights

Don't miss the birthday boy this Christmas, listen to why lights are so important at Christmas

The first Christmas candles were hung to remember stars that lit the way to Jesus' birth.

Every Christmas Brisbane CBD is illuminated by thousands of lights however, amidst all the shopping and activities, it's easy to miss the birthday boy, Jesus, who the Bible describes as 'the true light that gives light to everyone'.

Hear William Taylor explain why Jesus is the light of the world.

Sorry - no Lion tickets in Brisbane

Unfortunately there are no Lion tickets available through the Brisbane City Bible Forum

Unfortunately there are no Lion tickets available through the Brisbane City Bible Forum.

Ministry Centre: Brisbane

More than... Power

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so said Lord Acton, and most people agree

One of the key tennents of modern democracy is the limitation of power. We know power is a terrible corrupting force, and yet we often happily exercise - and even pursue - power given the opportunity. Why?

How can we get power right?

Listen to More than... Power for more

More than... Money

Money makes the world go round, but there's more to life than money, right? Then why do we live like money what it's all about?

We all know that money makes the world go round, but money isn't everything right?

We get stuck between this idealism and pragmatism; between money and what truly matters. As much as we may rail against it, we still spend a lot of our lives living to make money. Money seems to have its hold on us. Is there any way out?

Listen to More than... Money for more

More than... Love

There's nothing more important than love right? But what if there's more than love?

Love is essential to life. You can't live without love. But most of us have been disappointed by love. Could there be more to life than love?

Listen to More than... Love for more.