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The Heart of the Matter - Jesus on keeping up appearances

Why does it matter so much to us about what others think about us? What drives us to be such people pleasers?

What is in it for us?

Why is it that appearing to do the right thing is often more important than actually doing the right thing? Why does this seem to be especially so in religion?

Jesus challenges us as we consider our standing before others, God and matters of the heart.

The Heart of the Matter - Jesus on the core business of the heart

What is the difference between murder and manslaughter? Both involve the death of a person so how do we make a distinction?

Intention. Intention is everything. Was there an intent to kill? If so, then the charge is murder. If not, manslaughter.

In the next part of the Sermon on the Mount Jesus asks some very hard questions about our intentions.

We often measure good or bad, right or wrong by the consequences. But Jesus asks about our hearts.

What are the intentions in our hearts? Do our intentions really matter or only the consequences?

The Heart of the Matter - Jesus on really long term investment

When Jesus bursts onto the scene in Ancient Israel some are hoping that he will lead a Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire. Some are hoping he will vindicate the spiritual teachings of the Jewish leaders. But what Jesus says challenges everything.

Jesus' most famous words are found in the Sermon on the Mount. It is considered one of the greatest speeches of all time. Why? Because Jesus' words cut to the heart of the matter. They are revolutionary, countercultural and as relevant today as in his day.

Sin & hope - partners incorporated


It is an ugly word conjuring up ugly images. It is word associated with religious judgmentalism. Sin, it just sounds bad.

And yet, if there is no idea of wrong, failure and evil, that is sin, then there is no hope. But with the concept of sin hope opens up as a possibility.

There is hope of change and the alleviation of what is wrong. There is hope that things could be different. There is hope that we as human beings are not just subject to forces outside our control.

In the idea of sin there is hope.