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Why do we explore space?

Reflecting on 50 years since the moon landing
Monday June 3rd, 7.00pm to 8.15pm

For thousands of years, humanity has been shaped by the vast cosmos above. Neil Armstrong's "Giant leap for mankind" realised the imagination of ancient mariners, mathematicians, priests and even farmers. Why is space the stuff dreams are made of? What have we learned about ourselves and our place in the universe since 1969? Where to next?

Join our guests as we take you on a journey of imagination, reality, and 300 million kilometres.

Ask some bigger questions at this after-work event that is out of this world!

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The Future of Work

Twisted Technology
Wednesday June 5th, 7.15am to Thursday June 6th, 8.30am

From the Tower of Babel onward our technological developments are often twisted to the detriment of ourselves and our world. Our technology ends up ruling us. How can we be alert to the twisting of technology, especially in the age of machines and robotics? This is the second talk in our The Future of Work Life@Work breakfast series.

Life@Work director Andrew Laird
Plus TBC

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Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Discover how where you are now truly matters to God.
Tuesday July 9th, 5.45pm to 8.30pm

Discover how where you are now truly matters to God.

We all have an everyday context that’s significant to God, full of people who matter to God. But can we see how God might have been working in and through us on our frontlines, especially the workplace? And can we imagine what more God might want to do there?

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How do we overcome the crises in our lives? | Anne Winckel & Julie

There are challenging and difficult times in life - how should we deal with them? Hear Julie's incredibly inspiring story of adversity and how the challenges in our lives can in fact be soul enriching. A moving and powerful conversation.

Our guests: Anne Winckel has worked in education, legal recruitment and runs her own executive search business - Delta Partners. Anne also wrote Time Poor Soul Rich, to help the inescapably busy develop a rich soul.

Ep 125: Where can I find happiness? | Andrew Cameron

The search for happiness can be elusive. Where can it be found? Dr. Andrew Cameron explores how and why we search for happiness and gives some surprising insights on where it can and can't be found.

Our guest: Andrew Cameron is Director of St Mark’s National Theological Centre in Canberra and Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University Director. His PhD was a theological account of the relationship of ethics to emotion, and regularly writes on the intersection of theology, ethics and public life.