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Ep 134: How can these scientists believe in God?

It's National Science week and it's often popular to see a conflict between science and the Christian faith. So we speak with six real scientists who share their stories and reflections on the relationship of science to God and what persuaded them to believe in something bigger.

Why do we explore space?

Reflecting on 50 years since the moon landing

“I don't think the human race wiill survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I'm an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.”
― Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist

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They might be complicated but there are answers Marty Sampson

In a now deleted Instagram post, Hillsong singer/songwriter Marty Sampson claims that ‘he is genuinely losing his faith’. He outlines a series of doubts and topics and issues obviously important to him and his faith and laments that ‘no one talks about it’.

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Ep 133: When do miracles happen?

Miracles Day is approaching and we talk with a woman who used to be amazed at the difference this 'miracle' made to people. Yet, Linda's personal journey was a struggle for one particular miracle in her life. However, one day something very surprising happened. A very special conversation with an unexpected twist.

Songs of the Heart

Six ancient songs with wisdom for life’s biggest questions

“If you can take a piece of life and put it in a song, it's going to be a good song - especially if it's from the heart.”
― Jon Pardi (American country singer)

“I want the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of you that you are afraid to share with anyone because I love you that much.”
― Lady Gaga

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Are the Gospels historical?

Is the Bible a myth, full of fairy stories? Did the events recorded there really happen? Does it even matter? Join an historian who once disliked the Christian message but now writes to defend it to explore these big questions and more. A fascinating and engaging conversation recorded in the heart of Melbourne.

Ep 132: Do we need God in outer space?

Is there life on Mars or elsewhere in the universe? As our horizons expand, what does this mean for the idea of God? From Mars to outer space, Jonathan Clarke tackles some big questions on the necessity of God in an expanding universe.

Ep 131: Why do we explore space?

It's been 50 years since the moon landing and we reflect on what was achieved in that momentous event. We also wonder where to next as we meet a woman on a one way trip to Mars! An entertaining conversation to inspire and expand your horizons.

Our guests

Is it logical to believe in God?

In 2010 in the Wall Street Journal, outspoken atheist comedian Ricky Gervais said,

“I don’t believe in God because there is absolutely no scientific evidence for his existence and from what I’ve heard the very definition is a logical impossibility in this known universe”

Is Ricky Gervais right, or is it logical to believe in God?

We ask Professor Greg Restall some Bigger Questions.

How does an encounter with Jesus answer life's big questions?

with Masterchef Kate Bracks

What is it like being on Masterchef? Where did Kate Bracks get her love of food from? What convinced her to be a follower of Jesus?

In this episode, host Robert Martin speaks with 2011 Masterchef winner Kate Bracks. Kate shares about her journey on Masterchef and something of her journey with God. She shares about what makes the Christian God unique and clears up some misconceptions about Jesus.

How does a Masterchef react to "Taste and See that the Lord is good"? Listen and find out.