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Wed 24 Jan to Mon 31 Dec
What to look forward to in the coming year

Trust us it's Christmas

Tue 3 Jul, 6pm-9.15pm
Does integrity matter anymore?

Christians in the workplace

Take a Pastor to Breakfast

Fri 15 Jun, 7.15am-8.45am
For many of us, our work-lives and church-lives are separated by a great chasm.


Can we forgive our fallen hero?

30 Mar 2018
Steve Smith has borne the shame and anger directed against him by the Australian public. Now, he asks for forgiveness.

Blessed are the Wine and Cheese makers

Craig Broman, Andrew Michael, Sherree Sullivan
22 Mar 2018
A warm autumn evening was the perfect backdrop to begin a taste matching of beautiful cheeses to superb wines.


Michael Jensen, Gill Hicks
12 Sep 2017
Fear of Religion

Marriage has become meaningless

1 Sep 2017
Is our country actually debating marriage? Some ways to stimulate a better conversation

Change: Love it, Hate it, Over it

Sam Chan, Darryl Cross, Kristin Lewis
May 3rd, 2017
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