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Adelaide staff

Craig Broman

Craig is the Adelaide Director.

Contact Craig about media and partnership opportunities in Adelaide, equipping events and any other queries about Adelaide activities.

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl is the EPT Coordinator in Adelaide.

Contact Cheryl about opportunities to explore Christianity and to connect with other Christians near you.

Nick van Ruth

Nick is the Young Graduates Mobiliser in Adelaide.

His roles is to encourage the smooth transition from University to workplace for young graduates and to help them see themselves as on mission in their work context.

Belinda Phillips

Belinda is the Office Administrator in Adelaide, and is happy to answer your queries about Adelaide activities.

Susan Harris

Susan is the Workplace Womens Equipper and Mentor. Her role is to support and equip professional women for a life of workplace mission.

Simon Hill

Simon is the Workplace Equipper. He coordinates training material for workers including 1-1Bible Reading.