How to upgrade and update your questions


Wed 2 Jun 2021
How to upgrade and update your questions

Josh’s claim to fame is that he is the brother of an employee of City Bible Forum, Sharon. I’m sure he has others awesome traits - funny, top bloke, follows Jesus - but let’s face it, those aren’t a real claim to fame. :p I did a short interview with Josh to hear how he found doing the Share Jesus at Work course with Sam Chan.

i) So Josh, why did you want to be one of the first 5 to “win” doing this course? Spots went very quickly after the post went up at 7pm on Tues.

I've been really fortunate in being able to make friends in the workplace, however I've found it hard to ask good questions and share Jesus without feeling pressured by work and the cultural norms at work (keep to yourself when it comes to religion). Most often I'll send them a copy of "Making sense of God" - Tim Keller and never hear back from them what they thought.

I knew there would be better ways to go about this so I jumped at the chance to learn more!

ii) Mate - that’s so true! I’ve been there but I’m older - it used to be A Sneaking Suspicion or if you really want to date me, More than a carpenter. There must be a better way! So what was one thing you put into practice from the course that helped you share Jesus at work?

The one thing I put into practice the other week was creating time and space to have good conversations. This meant having dinner with a colleague. We started going to coffee shops, then one day I told him my love for Indian food. Before you know it we were sitting next to each other with our wives talking about what we believed in and what it meant.

He is inviting my wife and I to a Sikh temple soon and they are also keen to check out the church we attend as well.

iii) That is soooo awesome! I’m going to pray for your friend right now. What is one thing that you will take away from doing this course?

I think the one advice that I took on board was asking this question: "What do you love about your faith". Most, if not all of my colleagues have come from overseas and they are highly involved in their faith. Naturally in Australia and our workplaces, we don't like to talk about our faith too openly but given the chance it really brings about trust and open conversations.

Since asking these questions I've had more chances to talk about Jesus and the Gospel and the listener was really listening and grappling with big ideas/questions about Jesus.

iv) YAAAAASS!! Finally, how did you do the course and why would you recommend another worker to do this course

I did the course myself but I just couldn't help sharing some gem's in my City Bible Forum Evangelistic Prayer Team. I'm going to recommend groups to do this together as sharing stories will help encourage the members and help the main ideas stick!

Mate - thanks for sharing. This was such a great interview to do!

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