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Headstart - Over the holidays: The Edge

Vicky's online experience of Headstart over the past year and her thoughts on the most recent Edge event.

Headstart - Over the holidays: The Edge

Fri 26 Nov 2021
Vicky's online experience of Headstart over the past year and her thoughts on the most recent Edge event.

Vicky is a graphic designer at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. We interviewed her about her online experience of Headstart over the past year and her thoughts on the most recent Edge event.

What's something you've found helpful about Headstart?

Headstart with all its different topics makes me think and it’s clear from people sharing their experiences that this is a place where life and faith isn’t about themselves but about God and others. I’ve also really appreciated the structure of the evenings, especially with it being on Zoom, as this has really helped keep me engaged.

What kept you coming back and wanting to invite people?

The topics have been really interesting and it’s obvious from the community and the way the nights are structured that Jesus really is important here at Headstart. It’s not a place that’s on about being a sleepy Christian but one that’s active in growing your faith in Jesus together as a community of young workers.

You’ve come along to The Edge event; for those who don’t know, could you explain a little about what The Edge is and how you found it?

The Edge is short and sharp. It's a really quick, well-structured talk on a topic, usually from a professional in the area. It tackles events that may be helpful to invite non-Christians friends to. The one I went to last time was “Never more connected, never more lonely”. I really liked the talks! Sam Chan and Natasha Moore both gave 15-minute talks, in really different styles. There were a lot of things about loneliness and connectedness that hit home for me like the fact that deeper friendships do take time, and having candidness is a good thing. I was also really struck by the question that that was posed about whether I’m living a highly controlled and organised life where I've scheduled everything and every person, or whether I’m open enough that people can pop by and do life together, like grocery shopping? Or come over in a crisis? When I try to be super in-control and my calendar is blocked like sardines, there isn't room for me or others to have chill, unstructured, spontaneous life moments together, or moments to lend a hand or ear.

How might The Edge be a helpful resource in your evangelism?

I think I could check out the upcoming topics or even past recorded ones and see if anyone I know is interested in the topics when we talk. Then maybe hold a little dinner and watch it together, like a movie night, but for a talk.

How might trying to use it in evangelism challenge you?

Guiding conversations to a topic can be challenging for me. I think it takes a bit of going with the flow and embracing unexpected awkwardness to navigate conversations towards a certain direction or topic. I remember at one of the nights of Headstart we discussed going with the flow and NOT trying to constantly guide conversations a certain way. I think this is something I'm still figuring out.

To find out more about The Edge visit: https://thirdspace.org.au/city/sydney/activity/edge

Or to watch the last Edge event, Never more connected, never more lonely visit: https://thirdspace.org.au/city/episode/never-more-connected-never-more-lonely

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