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Reframe: A Group for Working Women

Easy company. Meaningful conversations.

Reframe: A Group for Working Women

Mon Jun 1st, 2020
Easy company. Meaningful conversations.

This year, a number of small group facilitators commenced a new initiative for female workers called “Reframe”. The initiative was headed up by me, Caroline Spencer.

We wanted to create something that was community-based and grass-roots. A place we could meet together regularly and get to know each other’s friends. We wanted to create something that would be a safe space to talk meaningfully about life. And we wanted to create something low-effort because we all have busy lives.

And so “Reframe” was born. These are decentralised, small groups meeting just eight times across the year. There is a facilitator-led discussion based on a topic of interest, with discussion materials provided to help direct and structure the conversation. We called it “Reframe” because it’s about changing perspectives.

What have I loved about my Reframe group? The discussion is stimulating. Our last topic was patience. There were lots of great insights around the relationship between patience, outcomes, control, pain and expectations. I’ve appreciated members inviting their friends and I’ve enjoyed getting to know women I wouldn’t have otherwise met. There's a great level of honesty and openness. Some of the women share personal stories of the difference that their faith in Jesus makes to the topic we’re discussing and I personally find this heart-warming. Last time one woman shared how accepting that her control over her circumstances was limited was made easier because of her belief that God was in control and committed to her interests.

What I also love is the support from the other facilitators. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such an enthusiastic, passionate and committed team!

One participant reflects on how the group has impacted her, “(Reframe is) easy to invite my friends to and has really helped me and others think through important issues such as trust, sustainability, patience and culture shock related to Covid-19. Definitely one of the highlights of the month for me!”

Another said, “It is a pretty easy group to invite a friend – inclusive, friendly, accessible, whatever someone’s faith position.”

I’m looking forward to seeing how the conversations and relationships begun in my Reframe group develop off-line.

If you like the sound of Reframe and are thinking through possibilities to reach women in your area, or would just like to see what resources and support are available, please contact me.

And if you’re wondering if Reframe could work for men – a male colleague of mine has undertaken that challenge! He began a group earlier this year and enjoys it, for many of the same reasons I do.


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    Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 reply

    Hi could you please provide me with more information etc for Reframe.

    Than you.

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      Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 reply

      Hi Maree - Thanks for your enquiry. The best thing to do is contact Caroline at caroline.spencer[at]citybibleforum[dot]org


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