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Stories of Us: Tho BLOG

Tho tells his story of how he became a Christian
Thu 23 Sep 2021



Tho Luu shares his story about his roots in 1970's Vietnam, his move to Australia in1980 and about being an all round "good" and "respectful" boy for his parents and teachers. But he realised that being a good person, wasn't all there was to becoming a Christian. His story recounts the excitement of sharing the good news of Jesus wherever he could and becoming "Uncle Tho" to many people discovering the bible for himself.

Tho's story is all the more powerful as it has been recorded after suffering a hypoxic brain injury in 2017. Tho's enthusiasn is infectious and inspiring for all people who want to share their faith with others.

This video was filmed by Holy Trinity Kingsford Church (reshared with permission).

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