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Adam Hills and the keys to Happiness

Adam Hills and the keys to Happiness

Wed Feb 24th, 2016
Has Adam Hills found the keys to happiness?

I’m a great fan of comedy. In many ways our comedians reflect back our values and worldviews – “it’s funny ‘cause it’s true”.

The other night I watched some of Adam Hill’s Happyism from the 2013 Edinborough Comedy Festival.

At the end Adam shared that he’s just found a new religion, after talking to his 95-year-old granddad. His granddad said “My religion is this: family and helping people.” Adam responded, “Granddad, I think I’ve just converted.”

Adam said about the symbol of his new religion should be that of a man riding down the street, arms wide, enjoying life. It was an image he glimpsed out the window of his dying father’s hospital room. The name of Adam’s new found religion? Happyism.

I think Adam’s religion resonates with many of us. We have this inkling that life points to something greater, that happiness is found outside of the mundane drudgery of mere existence. I think he’s right, but I think he’s just scratched the surface.

You see, happiness is really important. I think we’re geared towards seeking happiness, it’s the physiological and emotional response to the good in life. And happiness can be found in family, it can be found in helping people. But family can also be a source of great sorrow. Helping people can be great when they’re grateful, but when it’s a thankless, laborious task? Not so much.

There’s got to be more to it than that!

Come and hear Dr Sam Chan explore what ancient and modern wisdom has to say about the key to the happy life. 3 Keys to Happiness will be an opportunity to stir our thinking and consider:

1. The perks of redefining success
2. The freedom we long for
3. The paradox of being true to yourself

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    Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 reply

    Seems like happiness is essential not only in that conceptual way.

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