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Canberra staff

Leon Hribar

Leon is the Canberra Director.

Leon loves engaging with different cultures and people. Interacting with city workers and the ideas that shape our cities is his joy. The confluence of the business world, entertainment, art, the academy, politics, etc. gives us much to savor and to question. In all of this Leon remains convinced that the historical Jesus of the Bible offers unique wisdom and love for the flourishing of life in our cities.

He previously worked on an experimental solar energy station with the ANU, satellite earth stations with OTC in Sydney, 20 years in Slovenia pioneering a non-profit Christian NGO after the fall of communism, and now establishing City Bible Forum in his hometown Canberra.

Leon enjoys married life with Lee and together discovering the secrets of Canberra. They are 2/3 empty nesting. Leon can’t make his mind up about free time having played Aussie rules in Canberra, tennis in Slovenia & touch footy in Sydney. He also tried out for American football in USA but don’t ask him about that.

Please contact Leon for any queries and suggestions you may have.