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Did Jesus lose his temper?

The strange sayings of Jesus

Did Jesus lose his temper?

Thu 26 Nov 2020
The strange sayings of Jesus
Jesus' teaching
belief, Grace, fruitfulness
Bible reference(s): Mark 11:12-25

Does Jesus endorse injustice, theft, an immoral life and temper tantrums? In a brand-new series for City Legal, Al Stewart will be unpacking four stories that Jesus told which at first blush seem completely antithetical to what you imagined Christianity was all about. These are indeed four strange stories from Jesus, but if we dig a little deeper they reveal surprising truths about Jesus and the God he reveals to us.


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    Tue, 01/12/2020 - 10:25am reply

    Dear City Bible Forum
    Thank you for sending the link. I wanted to listen to the morning again.
    Also I wanted to email you if I could review the class Thursday morning as I thoroughly enjoyed the subject. I did not get round to email you and had participated via zoom. god bless Helen

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