Episode 12: Virtual Happy Hour | City Bible Forum

Episode 12: Virtual Happy Hour

Personal Evangelism in a Post-Covid World

Episode 12: Virtual Happy Hour

Wed 1 Jul 2020
Personal Evangelism in a Post-Covid World
Evangelism post-COVID, How to share Jesus

COVID-19 has opened up new opportunities to catch up with friends and colleagues online. It is easier than ever before. So how might we make the most of these opportunities? How might we start and continue to share Jesus in these one-to-one catch ups online? Check out this episode of the Post-COVID Playbook to hear how this is possible.

Massive shout out to Jono Tan for doing all the video and editing work in this series and Kim Wan for doing the sound work. LEGENDS. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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    Fri, 27/08/2021 - 11:19am reply

    Hi, the link seems to be missing. Is it possible to still get a copy of this please? I'm particularly interested in the books by Tim Keller that Sam recommended ...
    Thank you!

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