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All heroes start somewhere
Bible reference(s): John 12:25
Date: Tue 6 Jul 2021
Film and TV, Ethics, justice and social welfare
Second Chances, sacrifice, family, Superheroes

God in Film study guides combine your two favourite things, God and movies. Upskill yourself for group discussions that explores deep themes. Learn to be the Producer, Director and Reviewer of your own film discussion group.

Each God in Film guide provides you with a synopsis, planning guide, tips and specially selected clips for discussing in a group. Download the attached PDF guide to get started.

You can never be too careful with the orbs you find lying around the universe. Some can be surprisingly dangerous.Take that baseball-sized one Peter Quill yanked off the mostly dead planet of Morag. When goons employed byRonan (one of the galaxy’s premiere megalomaniacs) show up to try to steal it from the thief, Peter figures he’s got more on his hands than an attractive paperweight. Instead of taking the orb back to his pirate-boss Yondu, he pockets it and zips off to the planet Xandar to see if the thing might be worth a little spending money. Little does he know that Ronan has also dispatched Gamora (one of the galaxy’s most notorious killers) to bring back the orb by any means necessary. Or that a pair of curiously mismatched bounty hunters are also on the loose. Or that
they’ll all eventually get thrown in prison with a guy named Drax, who bears the less-than-reassuring nickname Destroyer. Or that they’ll all end up having to save the galaxy together. Summary by Adrian Drayton

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